Never Stop Trying

This is a new type of post I am starting called Case of the Mondays. It is meant to deliver some much-needed motivation and inspiration on Monday morning while you sip your coffee. They are going to be short and sweet and if all goes well, help you feel a little more ready to tackle the week (or at least survive the week).

To start us off, here is a quote from Alber Einstein.

You never fail until you stop trying

Albert Einstein

Many of us experience a fear of failure whenever we start a new project or try to follow our dreams. Because of this fear, many of us never even begin working toward our dreams.

You have the power to choose the way that you approach failure. If you see failure as a learning opportunity, you can make the necessary corrections and keep going.

Keep taking baby steps in the right direction. Even if it feels like you are taking steps backward, keep trying and take a few more steps forward. As long as you keep trying and keep pushing forward, you will make it.

That doesn’t mean individual projects or steps won’t fail but you will not fail at your overall dreams. When individual projects or steps don’t go as planned or as hoped, learn from them and continue trying.

Find your strength and motivation to pursue your dreams.

Remember, if you never stop trying, then you will not fail. So get out there and keep pushing forward toward your dreams.